Transmission & Clutch

TOPRAN: Reliable transmission and clutch parts for effortless gear changes!

Our wide range of high-quality transmission and clutch parts ensures smooth operation and durability.


Smooth shifting performance and seamless gear changes

Discover the smooth shifting performance and seamless gear changes with the diverse product range from TOPRAN for automatic transmissions. From seals to plug housings, from oil coolers to shift valves - our high-quality products ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly and has a long lifespan. Additionally, we offer top-quality oil filters and sets for efficient transmission oil cleaning to extend the lifespan of your transmission. Trust in TOPRAN's comprehensive expertise to ensure optimal performance of your automatic transmission.


Experience the best shifting performance and top quality with TOPRAN's wide range of manual transmission components. From seals to gear levers and shift joints - our high-quality products stand for smooth shifting and long-lasting reliability. Rely on the proven expertise of TOPRAN to ensure the flawless functionality of your manual transmission.

Experience the world of smooth power transmission with TOPRAN's top-notch clutch components. From release bearings to clutch discs - our reliable products guarantee optimal performance and a long lifespan for your vehicle.


Oil coolers


Oil dipsticks


Oil pans


Gear levers


Gear lever covers


Shift cable brackets


Transmission cables


Master cylinders


Needle bearings


Clutch kits


Slave cylinders


Rely on TOPRAN for reliable and efficient shifting performance so that your gear changes can be made effortlessly.


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