Quality management

Before our company decides on a new supplier and their quality products, all items go through our quality control. Processing, material, and fit are just some of the aspects that are carefully examined in our in-house and modern equipped testing laboratory in Ganderkesee (Germany). The entire range is subject to consistently high quality standards, monitored through comprehensive and repeated quality inspections. In addition, all suppliers are regularly checked for reliability and adherence to agreed quality standards. This involves close cooperation with suppliers to identify and resolve potential issues early on. Only suppliers that meet our high standards will enter into long-term partnerships with our company and be integrated into our supplier network. This ensures not only high-quality products for our customers, but also long-term and trustworthy cooperation with our suppliers.


Outstanding data quality in the TecDoc catalog

The outstanding quality of our product data in the TecDoc catalog is a remarkable feature of our company. We place the highest value on quality and reliability not only with our products, but also with our data. As a proud data supplier in TecDoc, the TOPRAN brand was awarded the certification as “Premier Data Supplier” (PDS) by TecAlliance®. TecAlliance®, as the leading information platform for automotive spare parts in Europe, only awards this distinction to the best data suppliers, confirming the first-class data quality of TOPRAN in the TecDoc catalog. This certification demonstrates our commitment as a company to the highest standards and continuous quality assurance. The award as “Premier Data Supplier” (PDS) is a testament to TOPRAN being a trusted partner in the independent automotive spare parts sector. Our customers can rely on us to receive precise and reliable product data. This award enhances our reputation in the industry and underscores our efforts to always provide the best for our customers.


Goods receipt inspection

In order to ensure the consistent high quality of our spare parts for our customers, we conduct comprehensive goods receipt inspections. Incoming deliveries are checked using targeted quality assurance measures and methods. Our trained employees not only inspect the goods externally, but also perform extensive functional and quality checks. This allows us to identify potential defects or deviations early and take appropriate action. In this way, we ensure that only flawless spare parts enter our inventory and are ultimately delivered to our customers. Through careful goods receipt inspections, we guarantee not only the quality of our spare parts, but also the satisfaction of our customers.


Long-term partnerships

Our goal is to work continuously with our production partners to improve our processes. Through regular exchange and analysis of optimization potentials, we can jointly increase efficiency and further improve the quality of our products. We place great value on open communication and a partnership with our suppliers to ensure long-term and successful partnerships. Our production partners are carefully selected by us according to strict quality criteria. Regular audits and continuous development are important aspects for us in a long-term collaboration to secure the quality of our products. In the spirit of a trusting cooperation, we reflect optimization potentials back to our suppliers, thus contributing to the development of our production partners.


Goods issue control

Through our rigorous quality management and precise goods issue control, we ensure that each order arrives complete and error-free with you. Even the smallest deviations are immediately recognized and corrected by our employees. This allows us to guarantee you a smooth process and offer you the highest level of satisfaction with each delivery. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and therefore we do everything we can to exceed your expectations. In our company, every goods issue is carefully and precisely checked. We attach great importance to double-checking each delivery to ensure that the correct quantity of products is shipped. This is done through the use of barcode scanners, which are used both when assembling the order and when packaging the goods. This allows us to eliminate errors in delivery and ensure the timely and correct processing of your order. Our comprehensive goods issue control guarantees you the highest level of reliability and accuracy.


Quality control – a product lifetime

Certified quality

Since 1999, we have regularly had our quality management system monitored by independent auditors. Since then, we have been continuously certified according to ISO 9001. Thanks to our many years of experience in quality management, we have been able to continuously develop and improve. This is reflected in our products and services, which always meet the highest quality standards. Through the regular monitoring of our quality management system, we have managed to remain ISO 9001 certified and thus guarantee our customers the usual quality assurance.