Dynamics and endurance for your engine - quality you can rely on

When precision and performance come together, the name TOPRAN is not far behind. With a wide range of high-quality engine products, we are the first choice for those seeking reliability and durability for their engine.


Perfect attention to detail - with TOPRAN spare parts for the cooling system

With TOPRAN, you ensure an optimal climate under the hood. Our expansion tanks form the foundation for a stable cooling system, while our powerful radiators and coolant pumps prevent overheating. Our fans ensure constant ventilation, even when your vehicle is struggling. In addition, our hoses and coolant lines keep your system together, and our thermostats and thermostat housings, ensure finely tuned temperature control.



Expansion tanks




Coolant pumps







Thermostat housings


Quality that lasts - TOPRAN seals and engine parts

To ensure the reliability of your engine, TOPRAN seals provide maximum sealing and prevent any kind of leaks. Our extensive range of products for crankcase ventilation and a wide selection in the area of cylinder head components are the backbone for powerful and smooth engine movements. With our wide range of lubrication products, in which we offer a variety of oil coolers and oil level gauges in addition to oil pumps and oil pans, you get a performance with the lowest friction losses.



Oil pumps


Oil pans


Cylinder head covers


Intake manifolds

The beat of success - TOPRAN engine control and belt drive components

With TOPRAN's engine control and belt drive components, you take the next step in engine control, giving precise shape to every stroke. Our wide range in the areas of belt drive, control chain and timing belt sets as well as variable valve timing guarantees a perfectly synchronized interaction of engine components for impressive performance. Trust TOPRAN when it comes to the dynamics and endurance of your engine. Each part is a quality promise that we uphold so you can focus on the road. Experience the perfect combination of precision and functionality - with TOPRAN by your side.



Timing chain & timing belt sets




Rocker arms


Belt tensioners


Exhaust gas recirculation


Fuel system


Air supply


Ignition and glow system


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