With TOPRAN electrical components: quality and reliability on every journey

Trust in the high-quality products from the areas of vehicle electrical and electronic systems from TOPRAN and forget about worries regarding the electrical performance of your vehicle - with our electrical components, you will experience quality and reliability on every journey. In today's world, modern cars rely more than ever on a variety of electrical systems. From windshield wiper motors to heating control valves to ignition modules - we only supply parts that meet our high quality standards.

Precision, reliability and durability


Our electrical components offer you a range of benefits that ensure the long-term performance of your vehicle. We understand that the reliability of electrical systems is of utmost importance to you. Therefore, we offer you high-quality spare parts specifically designed for a variety of vehicle types. Our products are characterized by high precision, reliability and durability.


A selection from our electrical range

Exhaust gas cleaning

Assistant systems

Fuel mixture preparation

Comfort systems

Fuel supply

Headlight levelling system




Windshield and headlight cleaning



Control units

Vehicle electrical and electronic systems

The world of vehicle electrical and electronic systems has continuously evolved - and so have we. The increasing complexity of vehicle electronics makes the quality of each individual component crucial. That is why TOPRAN places great emphasis on comprehensive quality control to ensure that all electrical and electronic components meet your and our standards.

Choose electrical components from TOPRAN - for a journey where comfort and safety come first. Trust in our strict quality control and the assurance that each part meets the highest quality standards. With TOPRAN, you navigate safely towards a future full of electrical reliability.


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