Rubber-to-metal parts

Discover the strength of TOPRAN: High-quality rubber-to-metal parts for your vehicle

In the world of auto parts trading, precision is not an option - it is a necessity. With TOPRAN, you can rely on quality that proves itself every day. Our comprehensive range of rubber-metal parts stands for reliability and durability in all areas of the chassis and powertrain.

From strut mounts to engine mounts

From strut mounts that ensure optimal wheel guidance and improved driving behaviour, to engine mounts that enable precise power transmission even under the toughest conditions - TOPRAN rubber-metal parts are the answer to the demanding NVH requirements (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) in modern vehicles. Our products reduce unwanted noise, vibrations and harsh transmissions, contributing to a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


Gearbox mounts

Robust bearings that maintain their shape and functionality even under high loads and torques.

Strut mounts

Designed for effective shock absorption and ensuring precise wheel guidance.

Universal joints

Carefully designed to reliably transmit driving forces and isolate vibrations.

Rubber-to-metal buffers

Hard outer layers combined with elastic inner materials provide optimal protection against shocks and vibrations.


Designed to dampen engine vibrations and protect belt drive components.


Control arm bushes

Precision components for improved vehicle control and steering characteristics.


Engine mounts

Designed to securely hold the engine and prevent unwanted movements, ensuring optimal performance.

Stabilizer bar bushings

A central role in suspension technology, designed to maintain stability and driving comfort.


The TOPRAN range meets the highest demands

Trust in our expertise

Choose TOPRAN rubber-metal parts to enjoy unmatched performance and peace on all your journeys. Trust in our expertise and secure the highest satisfaction for yourself and your customers with every kilometre driven.


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