Steering & Suspension

Safe on the road – with TOPRAN steering & suspension parts

At TOPRAN, we set high standards when it comes to safety and quality – because your trust is our driving force. Highest precision and adherence to strict manufacturing standards are not just empty words for us, but everyday practice. From steering and suspension parts to drivetrain components, every safety-relevant product undergoes certified quality management, where it is thoroughly tested. Fit and material quality? Of course. Tensile strength and hardness grades? Tested without exception.

The answer to your search for reliability and speed in repairs

Discover our wide range of steering and suspension parts, including tie rod ends, ball joints, stabilizer links and control arms. With TOPRAN, you will find complete repair solutions that are more than just spare parts – they are the answer to your search for reliability and speed in repairs, to increase customer satisfaction far beyond the ordinary. When you see the t+ logo, you can be sure that all components needed for proper assembly are included.


No compromises

For those who do not want to make compromises in the drivetrain area: Experience our intensively tested components such as drive shaft joint kits, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, joint discs and axle boots. Every part undergoes our strict testing processes. We understand the challenges that chassis parts are exposed to, and so we ensure that our products not only meet the requirements, but exceed them. Efficiency is the key to every repair. That's why TOPRAN offers complete wheel bearing kits to make your workshop work easier and avoid any delays. Our repair kits are equipped with safety rings, axle nuts, and all the necessary accessories to support your work optimally.


When it comes to your safety and satisfaction, TOPRAN does not compromise. Choose car parts where every component promises quality – choose TOPRAN.

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