Air conditioning & Heating

Optimal vehicle climate with TOPRAN - your partner for air conditioning & heating in the car

TOPRAN stands for years of expertise and extensive technical knowledge in the field of heating & climate. Our range includes high-quality components that ensure a constant and pleasant regulation of the climate in your vehicle.

Know-how and quality

At TOPRAN, we rely on a combination of technical expertise and consistent quality to offer outstanding products for the climate & heating sector. Discover our product range now and rely on the reliability of our products, which will make your driving experience more enjoyable. TOPRAN - your partner for optimally regulated vehicle climate.


Interior fans

TOPRAN interior fans ensure efficient air circulation and a pleasant climate in all driving situations. Designed for durability and performance, they remain unruffled in the coldest winters as well as the hottest summers.



Fan controllers and resistors

Thanks to their reliability and durability, TOPRAN fan controllers and resistors are an excellent choice for long-term climate control in your vehicle. Even in demanding driving conditions, they ensure a constant and pleasant room temperature, so you are always comfortable on the road and in control of the climate in your vehicle.



Heater valves and heat exchangers

Reliability when you need it most. Our heater valves and heat exchangers guarantee a constant and precise temperature regulation, ensuring that the interior of your vehicle always offers cosy warmth or refreshing coolness.



The essential air conditioning & heating components at a glance:


  • Heating / ventilation

Fan motors

Heater valves

Heat exchangers

  • Air conditioning








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